Indie Author Alley

Meet and greet 90+ indie authors from small presses and with self-published works in a variety of genres. Shop local and support independent writers by visiting them under the big tent in Topiary Park.

E.M. Anderson is a queer, neurodivergent author writing contemporary fantasy with a twist. Her debut novel features an elderly protagonist, dragons, and found family. 


Alicia Anthony is a public-school educator. She writes edge-of-your-seat suspense in romantic and psychological thrillers that explore the dark, dusty corridors of the human experience. 


Bethany Beckett-Foreman writes spicy urban fantasy romance, with LGBTQ+ characters. Amantes is her first book. Books two and three in the series will be forthcoming.


Matt Betts writes Weird Stuff, mostly. There are zombies in there, some steampunk, horror, science fiction. It’s just plain weird. Murderous black birds. And poetry. 


Tonya Ulynn Brown is a teacher of writing and history, a member of the Historical Novel Society, and the award-winning author of two historical novels.  


David Allen Edmunds writing is an extension of his experiences. His small-town romance, written during the depths of the pandemic, captures the spirit of hometown life.


Terreece Clarke’s bestselling children’s fiction and contemporary romance focus on Black characters, offering a safe space for people of color to be authentically themselves.   


Author and dreamer, T EMiller writes Christian dark fantasy. Follow along on a mind-bending journey with an unexpected twist that will keep you guessing. 


Patti Flinn grew up on Columbus’ east side and spent much of her childhood at Main Library. She only recently began writing historical fiction.   


Joey Froemling is a goblin writer extraordinaire. She writes everything from fantasy to spicy paranormal romance.


James A Fyerman is a full-time firefighter and paramedic who loves to write. He’s a huge fan of vintage sci-fi and classic space operas.


Evan Graham authors hard science fiction thrillers. His novel, Tantalus Depths, introduces his Calling Void series: a celebration of the mystery and dread of the Unknown.


Jessi Honard and Marie Parks are coauthors of the award-winning Unrelenting, the LBGTQ+ fantasy thriller set in Ohio, featuring an asexual main character and a diverse cast. 


Libby Kay’s books are contemporary romance: sweet, with a little steam and a happily ever after. They are brain candy to escape the hectic world.


Jordan King has an MFA in Creative Writing. Jordan’s debut novel, White Oaks, was a finalist in the Ohio Writer's Associations' Great Novel Contest of 2019.


Bharat Krishnan writes in a variety of genres.  His book Privilege won Best Adult Fiction for the Ohio chapter of the Indie Author Project in 2021.


Betty Kulich’s books are moral and fun: romance that delights the heart, historical fiction that teaches but captivates the reader, general fiction involving the supernatural.


Josef Matulich is known as "The Guy Who Writes Funny/Scary Stuff.” He writes mostly a horror/comedy blend, but has also written a steampunk misadventure.


Tim McWhorter is both a novelist and publisher. He is the founder of Manta Press, publishing horror, dystopian, sci-fi, fantasy, mystery thrillers, and more.


Marla Morris writes about crimes that happened in the Columbus area, offering predominantly African American characters and social commentary on race relations and gender equality.


Brian Nutwell is a member of Dublin Creative Writers, a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit providing community and publication opportunities for writers in Central Ohio and beyond.


Andre Smith enjoys diving into areas hidden deep inside ourselves, our culture, or our way of life – the spaces in between what’s known and unknown.


Robert Stowe is a former businessman who’s novel The Third Pitch unlocks the mystery of a man of the cloth...and his fixer.


Sandra Valencia’s award-winning books blend fantasy, romance, action, spirituality, mysticism, and faith, reflecting the paranormal as well as her interests in cultural diversity and languages.


Beth White is the author of the Kit Wilson, RN series. Her writing is clean, light, and mildly tongue in cheek with slow burn romance.

Signe Damron is a Columbus publisher and author. Her book of poetry and prose, French Door to Foyer, helped her find adventure in unexpected places.


Karen DeBonis’s narrative resonates with mothers, parents of children with neurodiversity and educational challenges, and anyone who has fought to be heard in the healthcare system.


Michelle Mickle Foster is an engineer, philanthropy executive, and public speaker. She is currently the President of the largest community foundation in Central Appalachia.


Annette Furio is the owner of Season Journals, designing and publishing guided keepsake journals that help people invest in their well-being and foster their relationships.


Craig McVay’s poems blend myth and family history, exploring the dimensions of what it means to be mortal. He teaches at Columbus State Community College.


Hope Reger’s book is in honor of her son, who she lost to murder at age 19. It is a mother’s memoir of devastation to determination.


Army veteran of 22 years, Regina Rembert runs a nonprofit called Think Veterans First, which promotes, supports, and advocates for veterans and veteran-owned businesses.


Pat Snyder’s Best of Balancing Act is a collection of columns she wrote for over twenty years, finding humor in the chaos of everyday life.

An English teacher from Cleveland, Breshea Anglen ( has a passion for literacy and empowering kids, purposefully using BIPOC and LGBTQ representation in her fantasy books.


Robert Blackwell is a self-published poet of contemporary and traditional poetry covering various themes including current events.  


Kate Church loves folklore and medieval history, creating worlds with strong ties to both, pushing the boundaries of what we know fantasy fiction to be.


Bob Corby writes comics, from graphic novels down to minicomics. Books are also in many genres including humor, science fiction, horror, fantasy, and memoir. 


Pamela Croft’s biography tells the story of Fred Hillman, Holocaust survivor and founder of Lancaster Sales, whom she knew and attended to for many years. 


Renée Ecckles-Hardy writes for both children and adults, promoting self-worth and positive relationships, ensuring that readers of color can read books that are about them.


Terry Eisele has taught English for over 30 years. His graphic novels won the S.P.A.C.E. prize in 2018. He currently teaches at Columbus State Community College.


M.T. Eley is the co-author of Mifflin Drift, a “mostly true” story based in Columbus in the ‘60s, filled with doowop, greasers, city slickers, and more.


Chris Farrar writes about young people struggling to survive when their worlds are turned upside-down by the armies of the empires of the ancient near east.   


Chahdael Foreman is a journal-loving therapist. His book is for anyone who wants to journal but feels overwhelmed or doesn’t know how to begin.


Dodi Hanes has been writing for magazines and newspapers for many years while working on creative fiction projects. Adahm’s Apples is her first chapter book.


Columbus-based Colette Harrell is an African-American female author who seeks to engage her readers through humor, adventure, and suspenseful layered stories that titillate the senses.


Victor Hess fiction, steeped in Christian values, is based on his experiences as a young boy in the ‘50s and ‘60s in the Midwest.


A minister and licensed social worker, Leo Jones believes in the power of words. His books of poetry inspire, uplift, and encourage his readers.


Daphne Moore writes speculative fiction or romance set in a fantasy/science fiction setting. In those settings, she explores topics such as economic inequity and social change.


Keishay Moore’s collection of memories from her mother’s life and fight with cancer show how faith and family can provide hope in even the darkest of days.


Bryan Prosek writes young adult science fiction and dystopian novels. He is a practicing attorney and is actively involved in the fight against human trafficking.


Maurche Reed (Maurche The Dreamer) helps you transform your thoughts to renew your mind. She speaks the word of God and encouragement around the world.


Kasey Rocazella helps readers feel understood and less alone. Kasey's book, The Human Zoo inspires people to question rigid ideologies and develop a better world.


Fred Rutter’s memoir writing is informed by his life in rural Central Ohio on the edge of Appalachia and his journey from addiction to sobriety. 


Brieanna Wilkoff’s YA novel tells a story of finding kindness and healing from loss, with references to ‘80s rock, theater, and musicals sprinkled throughout.


Helen Yee’s memoir lays claim to her American heritage while proudly embracing her Asian roots. It is a joyful and uplifting story of her life. 

John Beimer’s Tiny Team Books helps kids learn to read with stories about their parents’ favorite university, with school traditions and experiences on every page.


Seneca Bing’s Aliyah book series was designed to help children recognize and manage their emotions. The series includes a storybook, coloring book, and activity book.   


Erica Carlson is a children’s entertainer who has written over 10 magic storytelling shows that she performs with her live, magical sidekick, Sedgie the Hedgie.  


Larry Carey’s book teaches children how to build vocabulary through alliteration, how to understand sentence structure and decode words by using the illustrations inside the book.


Marina Cheney’s writing is inspired by her ESL teaching experience and childhood memories. She offers young readers new facts to learn within each delightful story.


Afia Chrappah is an educator and school social worker who strives to give voice to the experiences of African immigrant children and other marginalized groups.  


Julie Dinges’s award-winning children’s fantasy, The Search for the Scepter, sparks imagination, bravery, kindness, and inspiration amidst princesses, genies, mermaids, wizards, and unicorns.  


Deborah Eiland is a semi-retired early childhood educator and published children's book author. A mother of four and grandmother of eight, she lives in Columbus.


Michael Fehskens’s comics and children’s books are enjoyed by adults and kids alike. They are fun and educational, blending an appreciation for nature with the supernatural.   


With a passion for diversity, inclusion, and anti-racist education, Shannon Griffin hopes to transform relationships through equitable and justice-centered teaching, encouraging conversations around tough topics. 


Elaine Hamilton’s children's book series is about 5-year-old LeLe, who is living her life, enjoying her family, all the while dealing with Autism Spectrum Disorder.


Amber Hill is committed to inspiring young people to see the greatness in themselves. Her books foster the joy of reading in our youngest learners. 


Gabrielle Hill is the founder and principal author for The AntHill Creative, adding new & diverse voices to the publishing world while supporting creativity and wellbeing. 


Danielle Jackson has created YA journals that include helpful prompts. She has also written a children’s book about stranger danger with a parent/teacher companion guide. 


Children’s librarian A. Kidd encourages kids to write their own stories. Her newest picture book, The Healing Star, helps with nightmares and celebrates bicultural families.


Paula Johnson Neal creates children's books that provide a mirror for black children to see themselves as the lead characters, reflecting the reader enjoying life. 


Johari Mitchell is a National Board-Certified educator, and proud indie author. She has served as an Ohioana Book Festival judge and reader for the Harvard Review. 


Melissa Moore created the Books with Buddies series to cultivate a world where children learn, enjoy reading, and want to share their books with buddies!  


Melica Niccole has worked with many marginalized populations. She loves living outside the box and creating new things, a philosophy often reflected in her books.  


Jane Ries is a graphic designer, illustrator and author of children’s books that can be serious, hilarious, and impactful to both children and adults alike.  


Oswald St. Benedict writes stories about the world’s greatest boy detective, a character co-created with his grandson. His next book is due out in December.  


Paige Warden strives to build worlds for others to get lost in. She’s written adult fiction as well as her children’s book, Hello, Moon.


A free spirit with a traditional heart, Ticana Zhu writes stories embodying the tension between what one wishes to do and what needs to be done.  

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